Saturday, October 4, 2008

My, What a Meaningless Post.

I'm feeling lazy today. For some reason, I woke up with the most annoying song in my head this morning. I don't think I was dreaming about it, because I know what I was dreaming about. I was dreaming about my arch nemesis and my upcoming hockey game.

Anyway. I hate this song. Here it is, in all of its suckdom.

Want to know what else? NO ONE will EVER need to call that number. Ever. What's with that crazy water dragon guy? And does anyone else find him really sexy?

Here's something worth listening to. I love this shit:


Chessa said...

that commercial...ugh! but, I must say that I prefer this latin vibe (even the dragon man which I have no idea what that is about) to the stepford wife one.

KevieJ said...

LoL I often lust after water dragon guy I must admit

Anonymous said...

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