Monday, November 3, 2008

Yesterday, Tomorrow, Wednesday

"Take your pants off, and make it happen."*

Yesterday: ice hockey was actually really great. Yes, I sucked. Yes, I sulked. Yes, I felt like a jackass for a while. But after a while, I realized that I was using more energy pretending I was annoyed than playing hockey, and I really got into it.

I'm sore as a mofo today, though. The back of my love handles hurt.

Tomorrow: Yikes. Hope all goes well. Very nervous. Obviously, go vote. Very nervous.

I have a meeting regarding an unpleasant issue in my hockey league. Also yikes, and if things don't go my way on Tuesday, I'll be way more pissed if things don't go my way on Wednesday.

I'm going to try to decompress tonight.

*I once knew someone who thought this was a line in the song "Flashdance."

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