Friday, January 9, 2009


So it was a bit longer of a hiatus then I'd planned. Oops. I don't have a ton of time right now, but I wanted to get the Naked ball rolling again (heh..."naked ball"), but just to keep you posted, since the last time we met, I:
  • Went to Montreal
  • Spoke "French" in Montreal, accomplished by putting the word "le" before every English noun and punctuating every sentence with "ahhh, oui!"
  • Went to Ottawa (these are not in order)
  • Saw 3 junior international junior hockey champion games at Scotiabank Place
  • Realized that I never need to see 2 ice hockey games in one day ever again, unless I'm playing in at least one of them
  • Saw "The Strangers"
  • Saw the Benjamin Button movie
  • Saw a real, genuine Montreal junkie
  • Was scared shitless by "The Strangers" and woke up freaked out about bag-headed people
  • Played shinny in Montreal
  • Have been entirely smoke-free in 2009, so far
  • Listened to my uncle shout the words "TRUE OR FALSE" to my grandmother
  • Received a "First Canadian Christmas" package from Boy's brother and sister-in-law, including a can of Molson Canadian and an actual tuque
  • Slept for six hours in the back of my friend's car
  • Had some very...ahem...satisfying experiences
  • Saw the rockin' view from my friend's new apartment and played with his dog
  • Bought a pink hockey stick from Sport Rousseau
  • Forgot to take my garbage out before going to Canada, and was pleasantly surprised by its non-stinkiness when we got home
  • Read The Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx. Not as good as The Dirt, but still damn entertaining
  • Want to write more, bitch less
It's also worth mentioning that today, when I told my friend that I had slept with our annoying male Bikhram Yoga teacher (I didn't, but I wanted to see her reaction), she thanked me for trying to spice up the friendship. I laughed for five minutes straight. Also: this guy was someone I totally would have gone for in my younger days. Le Sigh. Young me was so dumb. Ahhh, oui.


Chessa! said...

young me was pretty dumb too.
welcome back, lady!

RattleandBark said...

Ah oui, le Montreal! It was so fun. And I'm glad I made you laugh for 5 minutes because you do that to me all the time!

suicide_blond said...

"write more...bitch less"...
looove it! i'm sooo gonna make that my mantra for 09..