Wednesday, January 28, 2009

They're Humerous Folks, They Are, They Are.

I was going to do another not x365. I started it, and I realized that I can't post a not x365 about the family. It's too much.

I have an odd relationship with them, to say the least. Who doesn't, I know. So let's say this: I've got my own odd relationship with my family (namely, my mom and sister, called "Sitty" from here on out).

The three of us talk to each other approximately 7890548927054 times a day. I don't know why. I'm not sure when I signed on for this, but I know I'm guilty of it, too. Boy will come home and ask me "did you talk to Sitty today?" and I will just laugh. There's no day where the answer is no.

Does this mean we all get along happily? Are we all supertight? Puke. We get along, yes, but we're poster-people for our own brand of dysfunction just like everyone else (I won't get into specifics, because I'm not sure they'd appreciate it). Boy gets along with his brother really well, and they speak maybe once a month. I'd say they're possibly closer than me and some of my people. My friends look at me in pity and disgust as they make their once weekly phone calls. I do not know how to do this: be close, yet far. If they didn't hear from me for a month, they'd...well, I don't know what they'd do. It's never happened in the history of my life.

Meh. It's just how we are. We hate, we argue, we wrack up phone bills. It's our way.

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Chessa! said...

If I didn't talk to my mother and sister for a day they would think I was dead. Seriously. They don't like call my cell phone until it blows up if I don't answer it (yes, we screen each other) but we always call the other back. It's like a crutch but at the same time I won't die without it. With my mom it's usually very early in the am and then around the time she's driving home from work. Then we talk during the day if there's something we absolutely must tell each other.

With my sister, it's like 5 trillion times a day. every since the babe, she calls me at ungodly early hours bc she's up feeding, changing, playing, burping, whatever. I nipped that in the bud and asked her to kindly reserve our calls for post-9am bc tia doesn't speak in full sentences before coffee has fully kicked in. The thing that makes me forgive her is that she calls every morn pretending to be Palomita. and then she puts the kid on the phone and then it's all over. oh sisters.