Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another in the Series

So since yesterday's theme proved to be a hit, I decided to post another two pieces of literature authored by kid-me.
Here's the first (and sorry, but no matter how many times I save them horizontally, they still post to this page vertically. Annoying. I don't want to re-scan them but I may have to).

So I'm pretty sure the drinks that "they" had were quite different than the variety that "we" partook in, but still I think it's interesting that I chose to take note of the drinking at all. Nowhere in this group of papers did I see anything about our actual trip to Canada.

Here's another.

Who played colorforms? Me and the baby? I had a friend that had a baby? I was taken to this person's house by someone other than my mother, who said that I had to be home for dinner? Why do the people in this illustration have creepy penciled-in eyes?

Thanks for reading, y'all.


Crystal said...

Okay, so what I'd like to know, is who were you dictating to? And how come you had a stenographer anyway?

Or were your type-writing skills polished at that age too?

Monica said...

no, i think what happened is that we wrote a bunch of stories, and our teachers typed them out for us to illustrate.

but i probably was a really good typist, too.