Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some Stuff...

Due to my dog's sickness (she's fine now, and thanks for the well-wishes, everyone), we've been at the vet a lot this week.

Every time we go there, the experience is great. He loves my little potato girl, and she loves him and the vet techs there. Everyone's so sweet to her, and there's lots of puppies around.

We don't want to leave.

More accurately, every time I go there, I want to stay all day long. It's so comforting. They love us.

My friend has a great story in which she talks about this coming out in Fat & Happy (our literary journal...coming soon!). You'll have to check it out.

Her ears are a bit more "one up, one down" now. I am hoping they stay that way.

Boy and I are going on a date tonight, because, we swear, we are not slaves to the pup. We are not. Nooooo.

The job search continues. Carry on (unless you can help me with the job search. Then carry it the fuck over here).

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