Thursday, November 16, 2006

A JHS Flashback; Ronnie James Dio

In an effort, I suppose, to photographically capture the full embarrassment that (was) is (my) adolescence, my junior HS had a practice of taking class pictures on the first day of school. In 1990, this was also my first day in the school altogether, having just moved from gum-snappin' Queens to a fancypants preppy area of Long Island.

Apparently, I wasn't one to play it safe with a white shirt (or, as was the style at the time, a teal, oversized Champion sweatshirt with white turtleneck underneath, folded over). I was going to win friends and influence people with my mustard-colored blazer. What 13 year old wears mustard? Me, yo. And it was extra-hot, because when you cuffed up the sleeves of this gem (of course I cuffed the sleeves!), it revealed a satin, hunter-green paisley lining. God, I was sexy.

Combined with my sky-high half ponytail and the truly inexplicable one-piece-of-hair-in-the-center-of-my-forehead (trying to emulate bangs, I suppose?), I was going to make lifelong pals.

Sigh. It took a minute to recover from that one. The funny thing is, I did make a lifelong pal or two, and right now, I'd like to say hi and thanks.

Hi and thanks, dudes.

I'm still figuring this thing out. More later.

Oh. And Ronnie James Dio invented the ceiling fan. Not enough people know that.

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Anonymous said...

I totally remember that picture. HOT!! You know what they say, you can take the girl out of Queens, but you...well, I'll let the picture speak for itself. Love ya!

(PS Am I allowed to leave light-hearted comments? I feel kind of dirty doing it, don't know why.)