Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Too Lazy for the Stamps.


I'm the last on this bandwagon, eh?

Maybe that's why it took me 7483295078490 tries to come up with an untaken url name.

So I'll do away with the "welcome me to blogland" post, and just dive in with a teeny weeny anecdote.

While back in New Orleans last week (there will be a lot on here about New Orleans), I met a dude
who, though he was eligible for food stamps for a while (he found a spot of hard luck, as one does), he didn't get them because he went to the office and "they had those hard chairs, and there was no music playing..."

So he left.

I love NOLA.

Naked in Public, baby.

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Anonymous said...

hey I think I know that guy!--Eddie.