Monday, December 15, 2008

Statuses I've Thought About Using When Updating My FaceBook Page

Feel free to weigh in!

  • never knows how much to tip the pedicure lady.
  • never knows what will make her happy.
  • wishes she did.
  • thinks The Dark Knight could have been a lot shorter.
  • thoroughly enjoyed Heath Ledger's performance in said movie.
  • is publicly sorry that she waited until the last minute to say she couldn't go to your party with you.
  • means that sincerely.
  • misses NOLA every day.
  • has to deal with the fact that there's someone out there that she wants to speak to that won't speak to her.
  • has not dealt well with that so far.
  • has done wrong by RA.
  • feels alternately wronged and loved by RG.
  • would much rather be a cannibal than be Amish.
  • is terrified by the fact that she has never experienced writers block to this degree.
  • would like to reiterate that: really terrified.
  • can feel alternately very close to or estranged from her friends, the same friends, all in one day.
  • hates that.
  • doesn't care if people say it's disappointing--she will never tire of wanting to meet Tommy Lee.
  • also feels that way about Nikki Sixx, but has never heard that it was disappointing.
  • is thrilled to pieces about the arrival of her new friend Little T, who gets more freakin' great all the time.
  • thinks that if she has kids, she definitely wants them to play hockey.
  • thinks that hockey cures (most of) what ails you.
  • has learned that there are other things except...ahem...substances that can make her feel alive.
  • would be lying if she said they didn't (used to) help.
  • thinks that nothing feels better than laughing until it really hurts. Pains.
  • has fallen a little more in love with FG this year.
  • wants next year to fall into place a little more.
  • is wondering why she needs to hide behind fake FB status postings to be "naked."
  • needs recommendations for the next good book to read.
  • really enjoyed Slow Man.
  • wants you to submit to Fat & Happy!
  • wishes she could decide.
  • thanks you for reading.


Crystal said...

In reference to #29, if you find something let me know! I haven't had a good read all year.

RattleandBark said...

You should read "In the Woods" it's the best book I've read all year. I can lend it to you.

And I'm glad you're loving hockey again, cap'n!

You are my fave... said...

This would be mine - Melanie has visited Target 3 times in the last two days.