Friday, April 16, 2010

I Hate Even Giving This Any Attention

Oh, bloody, bloody freaking hell.

Gorilla Coffee: where I spend much of my work-from-home, writing, time-wasting days.

The coffee is like rocket fuel. Just how I motherfucking like it.

Apparently they treat their employees like dirtola. The Slope has been all abuzz with news of their re-opening, their non-reopening, etc.

I'm not going to be able to go back there, am I?


PS: check out my new favorite site Fucked in Park Slope for more insight into my punkass hood.

That is all.


uncouthheathen said...

I need to find a place like this for myself...there are no cool coffee shops right near us, only Starbucks and Tully's. I may have to branch out of the neighborhood...

Crystal said...

Having duly departed FB, I'm very far behind on your blog updates! I grabbed a Gorilla coffee on my way out of town last... October?... anyway, I was wondering if they sweeten it? or if milk is sweeter in the US? Either way, it was... um, interesting.