Friday, April 23, 2010

Make it Work

*I never posted this. I wrote it a very long time ago. I don't know why.

In all my years of watching Project Runway, I have never, ever, EVER really agreed with the winner.

Until, last night.

Seson 7 finally got it right! I've been saying all season how this time, they've been letting people stay based on merit, which actually kind of sucks because it means we've had to deal with this bitch all season long. But last night, they finally got it right.

I loved Seth Aaron's collection. I loved it's quirkiness. I loved that you couldn't wear it right off the runway into regular life, but, with a little tweaking, you kind of could. I loved, most of all, his kooky hair.

So three cheers to Kors, Heidi, and FashionDirectorOfMarieClaireMagazineNinaGarcia. Well done.

Also, a great, hilarious Project Runway blog: Eric Three Thousand.

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