Thursday, April 1, 2010


My obsession/dreams about Dr. Gregory House are turning into gross fan fiction. Well, actually, not really. Sometimes they're a little sweeter than that. I want to fix him. Last night I dreamed that Dr.Wilson and I were talking. In the course of the conversation, I asked him "what have you done for me lately?" And then I cut myself off saying "I know, I know, you sign my paychecks" (evidently I worked for him). Then he said (this part makes me giddy) "I'm also going to find you a husband." You see, he meant House. He is House's best friend, and wants the best for him always. Catty as ever, though, I retorted, "yeah, but I don't want him just to be forced to go out with me...I don't want this to be a Cameron thing..."(Sigh. If you don't watch the show, Cameron loves House. It's unrequited.) House and I hook up a few know...brief makeouts, etc. Then I wake up, outlandishly disappointed, as per usual. (Did I mention I'm engaged? I love you honey!)

Every spring I get all giddy and happy and want to go galavanting and carousing and running around the neighborhood.



uncouthheathen said...

hahaha. I have dreams all the time that I'm cheating on Janie. And before things happen, I think to myself...BUT I AM MARRIED...and then I think...OH WELL. and God, isn't that awful? HAHAHAH. This is probably part of the reason she hates me so much.

hxr said...
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Insert Name Here said...

Hugh Laurie! -drools- so dreamyyy :D
-a random person